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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Studio 23 - "Amazing Pinay" (!!?!!) - EDITED

Aside from the psychological pressure of being home with the cast, I also had to put my best foot forward for media events. For a person who is totally honest that her secret dream is to be a celebrity , I was a nervous wreck during our first press conference at the Tektite Tower in Ortigas as the PR team of Zesto (our main sponsor) introduced me over and over as the "First Filipina Uppie"

I was a good spokesperson during my UPLB years. I don't know why - probably due to higher standards of the "real world" , my confidence just faded away when I was already working.I guess that's a different story altogether and something that I should totally overcome.

Going back, it really took a lot of courage from me to do these media stuff (pwede, pasulatin nyo na lang ako and wala ng interview?) . I had a press briefing from Paul Whitaker and Luis Petzhold (our Asia team) and had a brief pep talk with my cast manager Joern Gutowski and a big hug from castmate Lysan (thanks so much Lysan!)

It also helped a lot that the Studio 23/ ABS-CBN crew was a fun crew And the best part was when the camera followed Jules and I from Ortigas , to the cab, to the apartment in San Lorenzo.

Property of News Central, Studio 23.

It was funny because they featured this back to back with Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez' participation in the Amazing Race Asia. The title of the feature? "Amazing Pinay" :oP

Also thanks to Ann (the reporter, I LOVE HER JOB) UWP had good exposure on Studio 23 :-) Watch out for other features in the next updates. Ah, if you want straight news and extraordinary feel good news, watch News Central!

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