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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Cast B 2007 Random Updates

1. I've edited my "book" - now I'm stumped as to how I'm supposed to do the layout. My goal was to finish it before July, but I don't think I can make it.

2. I haven't even started organizing my photos yet. Nor start my scrapbook.

3. Our Cast B Video Yearbook is done! (Thanks to Rafa and Yuri) and according to them, they cried a lot while doing the editing - because of the great memories we had! What's cool about it is that I will be able to afford it (shipment and materials included) ... by using my BLOGGING money.. :-) blogging works!

Still on the video. We'll be paying $30.00 each (no matter where we are) just so it won't be hard figuring out shipment costs from all over the world. The profits from these will be pooled and donated to the UWP Office to go towards a scholarship fund for a student from a developing country.. (hint! hint!)

4. I'm way behind on responding to emails.

5. I have to find a way to finish my "to dos"